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What comes to mind when one thinks of Indonesia? Poverty? The third world? Drug Laws? Or is it its tourism? Natural spectacles? Culture? The fact is, if you asked that question, you’d get a different response from different people. Indonesia is such a vast expanse, with the ability to stretch across the continent of Europe. There is a plethora of ‘stuff’, to do and see and it is impossible to see it all in a two week stint. I have been to Indonesia many a time, yet still there are places I haven’t seen. This time round we visited the island of Sulawesi, tapping into the culture of The Toraja. Whom are an ethnic group indigenous to the mountain regions of South Sulawesi. More on this in an upcoming blog post.

This year huge air space disruption occurred, due to the eruption of Mt Ijen. Kawah Ijen volcano is located on Java. It is most famous for its blue flames, or blue lava due to its surrounding sulphur rock material glowing blue when molten. This sulphur rock is mined, and regarded as devils gold. More on this too, in an upcoming blog post. Hong Kong was a short stopover trip.

We managed to get a good view of the city front, as well as visit the Big Buddha. I think a return trip is in order!